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Our story began in the Province of Los Ríos, Ecuador, in 1970 where our founders grew grains. With the introduction of bananas into the marketplace we evolved into a fruit producer in 1980.

The quality of our soils and ideal weather give our fruit an extraordinary flavor and consistency for a longer shelf life. Even though this success comes from the excellence of our fruit, it would never be possible without the dedication, hard work, honesty and seriousness that characterize us, complemented by the experience and innovation brought to fruit culture by our technicians and management at all levels.

Our mission is to produce and market tropical fruits with a differentiated quality and service, to supply demanding markets of fresh fruit. In the compliance of our objective we practice a modern agriculture fulfilling good agricultural practices and sustainability, looking for profitable operations aimed at maximizing the development and survival of our business, employees, suppliers, and shareholders; at the time of meeting our clients satisfaction.

Our Banana Farms
and Tropical Fruits

Our farms are located in the tropical region of Quevedo - Santo Domingo, with more than 2,500 hectares of excellent fruit, territory that borders with the provinces of Los Ríos and Pichincha, in the Republic of Ecuador. Our unique combination of our own production and working together with reliable growers allow us to harvest the best tropical fruit of Ecuador!
This area is famous for its high quality production and diverse products. Banana, African palm, tobacco, soybean, rice, corn, coffee, pineapple, rambutan, pepper and macadamia are just some of the great variety of products harvested in this fertile region of the country.

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